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Different meaning of BHENCHOD

Posted by Admin on October 7, 2010

‘BHENCHOD’ is so versatile wrd to express many feelings:

Revnge-BHENCHOD hun dekh kida main teri ma chod da..

Reqst-BHENCHOD tang na kar yar..

Failure-BHENCHOD bund vaj gii..

Anxiety-BHENCHOD aa ki hunda pia?

Anger-BHENCHOD bahr nikal, teri main maa chod daan…

Curious- OO BHENCHOD kidda kita tu?

Lust- ah ah..BHENCHOD nu hor zor ke hila..

Pride-BHENCHOD mere warga haiga ee koi ni..

Sad-BHENCHOD mere naal hi eda kyo hoyea?


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